Clara Berridge, PhD, MSW

cropped-20130520_130140.jpgI am a gerontologist who studies the social and ethical aspects and implications of technology-based services. I’m interested in technologies intended to enable most-integrated housing and reduce vulnerabilities among older adults and disabled people. These include remote monitoring to track biometric and behavioral biomarkers, robots and mhealth. My research examines the ways in which diverse stakeholders (i.e., older adults, family members, frontline staff, and organizations) interact with and assess health and home care technologies. I have studied decision making about adoption, discontinuation, actual use, and resistance to explain how values of privacy, independence and risk management evolve along with technological innovation. The surveillance of direct care workers is my second area of focus, with current attention directed toward the use of cameras in assisted living and nursing home resident rooms.

I completed an AHRQ Postdoctoral Fellowship at Brown University’s Department of Health Services, Policy & Practice in the Center for Gerontology & Healthcare Research and received my PhD in Social Welfare at UC Berkeley with the University Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender and Sexuality. I received my MSW with a specialization in public policy and multigenerational practice from the University of Washington, Seattle, where I returned as an assistant professor in 2016.